Issues that need to be fixed in DDO

posted 1 month ago by dalu

This is a random list of things that are broken, inconvenient or buggy and need to be addressed and improved.

In game support is not helping

As a paying customer, paying a monthly subscription that includes in game support I have not once received help from their support staff. Over the course of 1 year I’ve created 8 tickets dealing with bugs of the game. Not ONCE has the in- or out of game support resolved any of my issues. Bugged quests, missing items, inability to send and receive mails or zone, nothing has been done to resolve the issues.

All that support ever does is saying something along the lines of “I can’t help you, closing ticket”.

If you select a category other than the general category you receive generic responses in relation to that category and the ticket is closed. No ability to respond.

The minimum response time to tickets is 3 days!

When you have an issue and click on the “Help” button a screen opens that is completely black. Then you have to wait and move your mouse over the newly opened in game window to randomly reveal tiny ticket management buttons. They don’t want you to create tickets. And when you go through all that you have to wait at least 3 days for a non-helpful response and ticket closure.

And btw it’s not my job as a player to report bugs. I create a ticket so YOU, the support person, who gets paid for that, creates bug reports. Idc if your game is buggy. If it’s too buggy I will stop playing and paying. Do your job.

Lag is still an issue

While they’ve been working on the lag issue and have worked on symptoms rather than the core issues - old and weak hardware and generally bad server side service design, lag is still an issue.

It has improved but it’s still not a lag free game experience.

At times you have lag spikes of 5 and more seconds, usually more like 10-20 seconds.

Re-roll loot button

You’re being trained to click the [Yes] button when trying to loot named or bound to account or character on acquire. In certain high stress situations (Hardcore server, swarmed by mobs) but also in general you can make the mistake to click on the “re-roll loot” button and click on the [Yes] button. And why does that happen? Because the mouse cursor default to being placed over the “re-roll loot” button when a chest loot dialog opens.

This is by design and needs to change. The insidious line of thought that went into this. I’m pretty sure a not small percentage of astral shards (premium currency) spent are attributed to “accidental” re-roll clicks.

Inventory and Bank space and loot categorization

I spent 120€ on the super premium edition of the Feywild expansion. The already small amount of inventory space got filled up with 7 new loot items. When you have 80 inventory slots, that’s almost 10%. Cleaning that up leaves 3 inventory slots filled with items I paid 120€ for. This is a very bad deal. I won’t buy another expansion again because of this. Why would I spend money to have less than I had before?

Inventory space is too small

20 slots per bag. This isn’t 2006 anymore. The year is 2021. We have 20TB drives. Even the NVM or SSD drives are at least double the size of what was available in 2006 if not 4 times or more by default.

Premium items need an extra tab

Place premium items from bought expansion in premium item tabs so they don’t clutter the inventory and can easily be accessed.

Bard Buff Song should be an PBAOE

The Bard’s buff song, inspire courage etc that Spellsinger Bards use to buff fellow group and raid members should be an AOE. 2 minutes of buffing on every new quest is not an acceptable waste of time. Every player I’ve asked and suggested this to agreed with it.

LFM always needs adjusting

When you’re for instance level 10 and doing a base 8 quest the max level of public LFM gets set to 11 and you have to adjust it, every.damn.time.

Mail needs a delete all button

The mailbox size is really small and you have to click each mail individually. There’s a “Delete All” button missing.

Astral Shards should be accountwide (spanning servers)

Not much to add there. Currently if you have astral shards they’re bound to server, they should be bound to account. It’s premium currency that costs real money.

“Recovering from failed teleport”

Endless loading screens, failed zoning, just now I’ve logged in and tried to zone and receive a failed teleport message. This has to improve, dramatically.

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