Daybreak EG7 blackmailing their players

posted 11 months ago by dalu

In DDO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, the company running the game, Daybreak EG7, with their Standing Stone Games unit is blackmailing their players to buy ludicrously expensive expansions.

The regular pre-order of their “Vecna Unleashed” expansion costs $20. It doesn’t contain much. The content, a monster manual and an Epic Destiny.

However this game suffers from artificially constructed shortage of bank space. Be it shared bank or character bank.

With each new expansion, new named items enter the game. As usual you have a best in slot item in each expansion. This expansion will be no different.

There’s a $60 collector’s edition with has some added cosmetics and a mount, nothing too special. But the “ultimate fan bundle” is $100 and has bank space, 20 slots only once per account character bank and 10 slot shared bank.

There is no other way to acquire those 30 slots of bank space. None. It is exclusive to the $100 Ultimate Fan Bundle.

Recently they released a cosmetic package, also with bank space. The most expensive version costs the equivalent of $80. The “Underdark Patron’s Coffers” 20 character bank slots, 30 shared bank slots. For $80. Limited time only, so you can’t grind the ddo points, you have to open your wallet.

Daybreak EG7 is a despicable company, resorting to blackmail to make their income. They have zero regard for customer convenience.

I have posted this, on their forums and got banned for it, permanently. No warning, no explanation why. Completely all posts deleted.

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