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HC4: Static Teams
updated 1 day ago


PARTY LEADER: Heu @Blob#5466

FORMAT: Non-VOIP, ideally 6 people party, R1 only

GOALS: 100k RXP, 5k optional

DAYS/TIMES: ideally Morning - Afternoon CEST (UTC+02:00) daily (about 08:00-16:00 +- 2h)

CURRENT PROGRESSION: Base level 6 quests


  • TANK:
  • HEALS:
  • WARLOCK FEY: Heu @Blob#5466

Anyone interested please contact in game or via discord on the death smile discord

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Hardcore Season 4: Aasimar Favored Soul DPS Caster
created 3 weeks ago
Character name: 
Classes: 20 Favored Soul, 10 Epic
Hardcore Season 4: The Attractive Free To Play Bard Rogue for Groups or 2nd Accounts
updated 3 weeks ago

This build is great if you’re a F2P player. However it requires you do have unlocked the Drow race on the server, which requires 400 favor on one of your previous characters.

Hardcore Season 4: Evasive Ranged Trapper
created 3 weeks ago
Character name: hc4 evasive ranged trapper
Classes: 12 Ranger, 10 Epic, 7 Alchemist, 1 Artificer
Hardcore Season 4: Warforged 2 Barbarian 3 Artificer 15 Fighter Build - Grasscutter
updated 1 month ago

This is a melee THF build for Hardcore Season 4.

It has decent defense, wears heavy armor via adamantine plating and is swinging a 2handed weapon - a Falchion.

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