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DDO HC Blacklist
updated 4 months ago

Melveck - Not waiting in Sharn2 end quest thus leaving me with the Forgewraiths and Whisps to die

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Daybreak EG7 blackmailing their players
created 8 months ago

In DDO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, the company running the game, Daybreak EG7, with their Standing Stone Games unit is blackmailing their players to buy ludicrously expensive expansions.

The regular pre-order of their “Vecna Unleashed” expansion costs $20.

DUNGEONCRAWL - free quests code 2023
created 1 year ago

Receive almost all quests for free and some expansions for 99 ddo points with the code: DUNGEONCRAWL

Don't play Dungeons & Dragons Online
updated 2 years ago

Or at least, should you play it, don’t spend any money.

This company doesn’t know what it’s doing, releasing broken updates.

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