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Hi everyone,

Daybreak EG7 blackmailing their players
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In DDO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, the company running the game, Daybreak EG7, with their Standing Stone Games unit is blackmailing their players to buy ludicrously expensive expansions.

The regular pre-order of their “Vecna Unleashed” expansion costs $20.

DUNGEONCRAWL - free quests code 2023
created 6 months ago

Receive almost all quests for free and some expansions for 99 ddo points with the code: DUNGEONCRAWL

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06.12.2020: Fixed dropdown menu for games and files to be consistent in color for all display types.

Don't play Dungeons & Dragons Online
updated 1 year ago

Or at least, should you play it, don’t spend any money.

This company doesn’t know what it’s doing, releasing broken updates.

Wizball is cut in bottom on Android emulator. How to fix?
updated 1 year ago

When I run Winzball on my Android TV the game is cut in the bottom. You only see the top of the powerup squares.

Weff 2021: Vortrag Karina Reiss und Sucharit Bhakdi
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Weff 2021: Vortrag Karina Reiss & Sucharit Bhakdi

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Keeping running - Advertising vs Donations
created 2 years ago is a free c64 games download platform.

Welcome to the C64 Games Community
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This community is for Commodore 64 games and the C64 in general. Talk about anything you like, but stay friendly.

Commondore 64 Games Site Relauch 2020
updated 2 years ago

The c64g games download site will be relaunched.

The main reason why the site is relaunched is maintainability.

New Feature: Community Admins
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Community owners are now able to designate members as admins/moderators of their community

An admin/moderator can do everything an owner can except edit the community information, stylesheet or manage other admins.

What is
updated 3 years ago is a free meta community

Everyone can have their own community or even multiple communities.

Suggestions welcome
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See something that could do better or have an idea to make this place better? Please comment with your idea.

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