DDO Free Quest Code 2021
created 16 hours ago

Dungeons and Dragons Online has a new free quests code and 3 expansions are also reduced in price. They’re available for only 99 ddo points.

Build: Sun Cleric for Nasuhime on Thelanis
created 1 month ago
Character name: Nasuhime
Classes: 20 Cleric, 10 Epic
Issues that need to be fixed in DDO
updated 1 month ago

This is a random list of things that are broken, inconvenient or buggy and need to be addressed and improved.

In game support is not helping

As a paying customer, paying a monthly subscription that includes in game support I have not once received help from their support staff.

updated 1 month ago

06.12.2020: Fixed dropdown menu for games and files to be consistent in color for all display types.

Build: Paladin for Britonian on Cannith
created 2 months ago
Character name: 
Classes: 20 Paladin, 10 Epic
Keeping running - Advertising vs Donations
created 2 months ago is a free c64 games download platform.

Hardcore Season 4: Aasimar Favored Soul DPS Caster
created 4 months ago
Character name: 
Classes: 20 Favored Soul, 10 Epic
Hardcore Season 4: The Attractive Free To Play Bard Rogue for Groups or 2nd Accounts
updated 4 months ago

This build is great if you’re a F2P player. However it requires you do have unlocked the Drow race on the server, which requires 400 favor on one of your previous characters.

Hardcore Season 4: Evasive Ranged Trapper
created 4 months ago
Character name: hc4 evasive ranged trapper
Classes: 12 Ranger, 10 Epic, 7 Alchemist, 1 Artificer
Hardcore Season 4: Warforged 2 Barbarian 3 Artificer 15 Fighter Build - Grasscutter
updated 5 months ago

This is a melee THF build for Hardcore Season 4.

It has decent defense, wears heavy armor via adamantine plating and is swinging a 2handed weapon - a Falchion.

Welcome to the C64 Games Community
updated 10 months ago

This community is for Commodore 64 games and the C64 in general. Talk about anything you like, but stay friendly.

Commondore 64 Games Site Relauch 2020
updated 10 months ago

The c64g games download site will be relaunched.

The main reason why the site is relaunched is maintainability.

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